Helping you cultivate and
sustain successful programs

The Program Evaluation Group, LLC (TPEG) is a network of independent consultants based in North Carolina. We specialize in the evaluation of education and other social programs. Since 1999, TPEG has provided planning, data collection and analysis, technical assistance, training, and other evaluation-related services to educational, professional, and other service organizations.

Our evaluation philosophy is simple: we believe that high quality program evaluation is an indispensible tool for successful program management. We also believe that programs are best served when clients are fully engaged as members of the evaluation design team. Therefore, our approach to evaluation is collaborative and relies on a shared understanding of your program's short- and long-term goals, as well as a mutual understanding of the environment in which your program operates. We routinely collect data that reflect the quality of program implementation and the impact of program activities. And, in order to provide our clients with information that is both fair and comprehensive, we advocate seeking multiple perspectives about programs from participants, staff, and other stakeholders. Approached in this way, evaluation is an essential tool for strengthening programs and ensuring their long-term success.

How can we help you cultivate and sustain your program?